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Saturday, April 28, 2007


Eesa's gone over to his grandma's for the weekend and the house is getting a good clean while he's away. The result of my hardwork lasts longer when he's not around, but I really miss him while he's gone.

Nothing ever prepared me for this feeling ofunconditional love. Yesterday, Eesa & I were watching our fave - sesame street - and he turned around to give me a hug - just randomly. I have to say, it was the most heart warming feeling ever - i could just lay my life out for him right there. He also has this way of placing his hands on either side of my face and clenching his teeth super hard... as though he cant let go (or so i hope!)

Recently, we've been learning our ABC's. In the car, he was just humming along the tune, until he got to Gee, Aich, Aii ... he went over that part a few times and then proudly announced to my mum, 'Anneh! Aich, aii - CHAI!' (aich, aii makes up chai{tea}).

Its an inexplanable sense of achievement to watch him make the connections. The other day he was singing 'lakri ki kathi' (sorry aasi, no idea how to translate that - its just a nursery rhyme in urdu for kids). and then he goes ' mama horsie ko ouch ho gaya'. (mum the hose go hurt).

I responded, 'uh oh, how Eesa?'

He goes, 'hammer se' (by a hammer! - the nursery rhyme talks about a hathora(hammer) hurting the horse, and being his father and grandfather's blood - he's a hardy tool/handyman to the core!).

The point being, he made the connection between the rhyme and the story, especially considering the fact that the rhyme is in urdu.


Last, but not the least, we have an announcement to make. We've been secretly harbouring a blog for the past few weeks.


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Monday, April 16, 2007

Itchy scratchy..

The weekend went by so fast, i can't even believe its monday already.

Friday afternoon chot, my cousin from pak arrived. Friday being her first day over, I made some chicken parmesan and chicken ginger soup with garlic bread and stir fried corn. There was a basketball game on so we spent the evening just watching basketball and playing scrabble.

Saturday morning, a friend came over from Calgary and we just hung around downtown. In the afternoon Bajia, my eldest cousin from dad's side, arrived and we bummed out back and forth at home. We had to go somewhere for dinner so we swung by and came home around 9ish to spend more time with each other at home. We stayed up till fajr and then got up early morning since bajia, chot and their friend had to go out for breakfast. Afterwards, we all went to ikea ( i came back having spent a total of $11 - a record!!) and then bajia and chot went out while I went to a meeting. It was almost 7 by the time we got done and I was pooped beyond belief. Imran and I were joking that for the first time in my life, i admitted that ikea exhausted me. The walk and all was extremely tiring and the lack of windows really bothered me.

Mama's leaving next weekend and that already feels too close. I just want to hang on to her like her apron string. lol.

and now eesas up from his noon nap. ciao

Friday, April 13, 2007

busy weekend ahead..

Sorry I havent posted in a while. Its been a hectic and busy week here between running errands and getting on top of school work.

Last semester is finally over. it was one crazy semester, i dont know how i got through it... I just did. Alhamdolillah. 9 more weeks and ill be done two yrs of this craziness. Although, i have to admit that despite all my whining abt it, i love the course I am currently taking and if it were not for the course, I would have gone crazy identifying many diff pieces with the puzzle called life.

Anyhow, Eesa seems to have picked up some form of rash all over his back. Its keeping the poor guy super restless and frustrated all the time. My heart actually breaks watching him, trying to figure out what to do. Initially i thought it was food. Then detergent. Then food again. Then fabric. Finally i thought it was measles. In the end, I took him to the doctors' who said its just a rash that develops into eczema. THAT did it. I was ready to sob my eyes out. My family has had a long and painful relationship with eczema. I personally have gone through years of treatment, trying to treat it and remember the exhaustion and stress that always seemed to follow me around. I hope inshaAllah he cures soon. Ameen.

I'm loving the spring clearance in most stores nowadays. i'm loving the bargains that I'm getting to pick out these days. I raided children's place last week and picked out polo tops and summer tees for 5 bucks each. I was amazed! I need to find him some cute pants now since he's outgrown most of them.

Today, chot, one of my elder cousins, arrived in TO. Tommorow, her elder sister and someone else we know from calgary are arrving fron NJ. InshaAllah its going to be a packed house. We've got dawats to attend tmrw night and the day after and lots of sightseeing during hte day inshaAllah.

Ill be out of the blog scene this weekend inshaAllah, catch you all again on monday iA.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My new bun-daids...

Mama's doodoo has an ouch. That's why we drink from a glass. But when will it cure? So we came up with a solution. Bundaids (bandaids pronounced eesa style). So there we have it. Mama is hopefully on her way to recovery soon!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First dentist visit...

Today was our first trip to the dentists. Baba and Eesa had back to back appointments and Baba went first. During Baba's appointment, Eesa pulled in a chair next to Baba's chair and held his hand through the appointment. The gesture tore my heart into shreds and I promptly pulled out my camera to snap a million and one pictures. InshaAllah, I hope they both share a continous, mutual bond of strength and support forever. ameen.

Initially eesa was petrified of the masked hygenist. But the hygenist broke the bond by handing him a sparkling, bright orange tooth brush which achieved the results we were hoping for.

As the hygenist worked on baba, eesa kept yelling 'eesa turn'. (its eesa's turn). After a while, he started going eesa sleep time! (eesa's turning to lay down on the reclining dentist chair). Finally when it was his turn, he very bravely climbed up the chair and sat down. Once on the chair, however, he was trying to put on a brave front. His face had scrunched intoa tiny thing and his eyes wee popping out (caught on camera). The hygenist said there isnt much to do for a two year old, so she stuck in a mirror instrument, moved it around inside to see if there were any cavities - none found Alhamdolillah. By this time, eesa's patience ran out and he was ready to jump down. That was it :D

Here's an album of the piccys. Sorry if some of them are repeated. I can't view them yet, it took me over 5 hours to upload them.

p.s. in some of the pics u can see his socks. one's yellow and the other white/grey. one is his khala's and one his phoppos.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Going Daadi Home

Yesterday was Eesa's day to go Daadi home (grandma's place). He woke up in the morning and spoke with Daadi, who told him that he's coming over later in the day. All of a sudden he had an energy rush. He ran to shower, brush and change. Usually getting him to select clothes etc is a pain, but yesterday, he was ready to wear anything we picked out. He was sooo ready, he wore his jackets and shoes and went and sat at his breakfast table. This was 11 am in the morning and Dada wasn't due to pick him up until 5pm.

Luckily dada called at just that moment and said, i'm on my way to pick booboo up. Once he came over, Eesa refused to let him enter the apartment, he wanted to leave from the door. Reluctantly, he agreed to let dada have tea. During tea, dada was explaining something to baba and Eesa went up to dada and said 'dada talk eesa' (dada talk to eesa instead). Finally the tea was done and eesa was ready to go. He sprang out of the apartment as though he was finally released from home arrest. lol.

I love the bond he shares with his grandparents. His grandma is absolutely head over heels in love with him. She does all her chores with him hanging on her hips. She'd slide down staircase banisters with him and crawl on her fours playing toys with him. Even Imran's aunts would empty out eesa's toy buckets and sit on the floor under the staircase with him to play. Today, I called to speak with eesa and eesa was sitting on dada's back singing lakri ki kathi. May Allah swt keep the bond strong forever. ameen

Here are pics from eesa's happenings at daadi home.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The buzz...

This week's been super busy for us. Annuh (naani for Eesa), Eesa & myself are thoroughly taking advantage of the weather lately. For the last couple of days, the weather's skying in the teens and we're going out for daily walks to anywhere possible.

Annuh's been busy revamping our abode and the rest of us are enjoying the daily change of scenery everywhere. I've been MIA in the kitchen for all of this week and wake up to a house that's already been mopped and swept and a baby who's already had breakfast and a bath. aagh! I'll miss this pampering when she's gone!! She's also been doing alot of purging for me and TONS of thigns are landing up at craigslist.

Annuh's also been teaching eesa lots of rhymes, alphabets and colours. We've also started doing shapes now. The most amazing part is watching eesa make connections. A few days ago, I said something about ginger and garlic, Eesa immediately picked it up to say 'Garlic bread, mama?' So adorable. yesterday, we stopped by food basics for grocery and were planning that while imran ran for groceries, i'd run to the dollar store. Eesa heard the word dollar and asked 'dollarama?'. It's amazing how much he's picking up nowadays mashaAllah. I'd also taught him how to say 'La ilaha Il Allah Mohammad Ar rasool Allah' but i hadnt revised it with him for a while. yesterday I asked him to repeat it, he refused. So I broke it up and read it bit by bit, 'la' 'ilaha' etc... Finally when we got done, I smacked his bum playfully and said 'you forgot it!' Alla of a sudden, he yelled it all out in one sentence! Surely made my day!

Maryam also suggested starting up a sticker system to get potty training done. So we've pinned up a sheet on the wall in the wahsroom and reward ourselves with eons of stickers each time we pee in the pot. It's been working fairly well so far. Alhamdolillah.

We went to dollarama today and I completely fell in love with their patio-ware! I LOVE the colour and ofcourse the prices. I can't wait to get the balcony ready for some summer fiesta.

In other eeesa news, he's been singing songs to him self. He's been high on thank you Allah, shukoor, ABC's, alif baa taa, one two three, twinkle twinkle and lakri ki kaathi. It's adorable watching him play on his own while humming out tunes. In ABC's, he can't say the part that goes 'el, em, en oh, pe' so he goes 'ma ma ma ma que, are, es, tee'.

He's also been high on sesame street lately. Everytime it's on, he sit in front of the tv with all his diapers with different charachters out in front of him. I'll try and grab a pic of him doing it next time.

He's also been high on the yellow 'big bird' diapers lately. He calls Big bird, 'big butt'. So one day, after his bath, he was looking for a big bird diaper and it wasnt there and I pointed it out to him.

Me: 'eesa, there's no big bird diaper left'
Eesa: 'there's big butt, see' (pinches his fingers into the drawer and pulls out a pretend diaper!'
Me, looking at the air (pretend diaper): "Woow! niice diaper, let's wear it." So I go on to make all the actions of putting on a diaper. (but infact, he's still empty coz it's a pretend diaper!)
So I said, 'Eesa, let's put on two-two diapers! This time let's wear an Ernie diaper!'
Thankfully, Eesa agrees and we put on a real diaper this time.

So guys, there we had ourselves a mini diaper selection party!

Friday, March 23, 2007


It's only been a year... but it seems like these pix are from forever ago! No longer a toddler, I can't even remember a time where life was without Eesa =)

I'm a cutie yet again...

Here's an album of Eesa from last week... plus a couple of pics from daadi's place.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

All star night..

Pics from Feb 17th B-ball All star weekend... Baba & Eesoo dressed alike...

'Tis the life..

Pix from bedtime last night... Nana massaging while Eesoo's relaxing. (see if you can pick out something diff!:P)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Two two Nayma khala...

So Shaima came over from pak yest. For the first time in almost 4 years, we're all together as a family. It is also the second time Eesa is meeting both his khalas at the same time. (usually one is here in may and the other comes in aug). The first he met them both together, he was too young.

Today, he came over with daadi and saw both of them....he couldnt believe his eyes. He came running to me and goes:

''Mama!! Two two Nayma khala!!" (mama, there's two of nayma khala - they both look like twins even though they are 7 yrs apart). lol


It's a day of nostalgia for me, i suppose. Just came across these pictures of Eesa's from almost two years ago so quickly uploaded them. He's crawling all over chacha and chaachi's car after dinner at a local pizzeria.

I have to say, I love the blubber all around him and those tiny bunny teeth mashaAllah.

29 months milestone:

So I got another email from babycentre about baby milestones this month. It only seems recent when i put up the last one. Alhamdolillah I love to read these since the things that seem so ordinary developmental steps, suddenly feel like major milestones. Moreover, everytime I see something that Eesa is already doing, it makes me want to smack myself on the head for not appreciating it earlier.

Using a fork and spoon: Check, been doing it for a few months now mashaAllah. Esp with fries and soup.

Washing and drying hands: Check. It been going ofr about just under a month i think. Our fave milestone this month i think! it's so adorable how he keeps his hands entwined and will keep standing infront of the sink until they're washed.

Preparing his own breakfast: Check. He loves pulling out waffles from the fridge to put into the toaster (with my help there) or running on his own and grabbing his cereal from the cabinet and the milk pitcher from the fridge to make his own cereal.

I have to say as I am ending this email, it is so overwhelming to realize, that not only is he not an infant, baby or a toddler anymore, shortly he's not even going to be a preschooler anymore. :(

I'm a cutie =)

I suppose it's a two year old thing. Alot of my friends with two year olds talk about how their kids call themselves beautiful, cute or handsome.

In Eesa's case, self image, we lack not. So last night, while looking at himself in the mirror, Eesa very boastfully declared:

"Eesa cutie". lol

And from that moment on, whomsoever he needed to butter up (mainly daadi!) became a cutie!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

French immersion...

So part of having a balanced lifestyle includes extra curricular actitivies - one of which is french immersion classes. I've always been quick with languages and really want Eesa to be multilingual inshaAllah. (our bldg supervisor gets really amused by the fact that eesa can spk bits of three languages - english, urdu and arabic (merely alhamdolillah and salaams)).

So anyway, today during french class, there were two latino girls who joined us. The chic magnet that he is, he shamelessly chatted them up throughout the entire class. He even buttered them up with some rockets (those tiny candies) and mimicked everything they did. Not once did he turn around to look if i was still in room and participated alot more in class - raising his hands to participate in all the activities.

MashaAllah he's generally very ocnfident in all his classes, whether he knows the answer or not, he loves trying. But today he just refused to come back home. Infact, he was ready to go home with the girls! He kept pushing me towards the door and kept saying, mama home! (as though he wanted me to go home!). Bachay aaj kal ke (kids nowadays!) - how brazen!

The other mums probably thought i torture him at home or something. LOL!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baby names...

If Eesa had a sibling, what would I name him/her?

Eeman (faith, this is the name I made imran agree to for our first daughter even before we were expecting eesa! it was also our choice for a girls name coz we hadnt found out eesa's gender)
'Eebaad (Faithful, worship. Love the flow of it but have a feeling he'd be picked on at school!)
Ibrahim (Prophet. My fave)
Maria (Wife of the prophet pbuh, it's imran's fave)

Yup thats about it. I like them coz they're simple and short.

P.s. just a clarification... I'm not pregnant... atleast not that I know of! A very close friend of mine is expecting her baby today and we were just brainstorming names. lol. She likes Sheza... go figure!

Cooking up some alpha's

Eesa owns a pack of styrofoam alphabets that fit in together like a mat and also work as puzzles. I've only given him alphabets A-I (i hid J-z till the time he understands these first) and repeat them over an over again. (Recently, I also made him a powerpoint presenttion for him with different words starting with those letters. I had made one upto I only and then one of the girls from the homeschooling group told me that another friend of mine already has a presentation made so now we have two, one that goes to I and one that goes to Z. well, It's quite adorable watching him click and say out the words).

Coming back to the alphabets, Eesa was playing with them last week and got bored! So he ran to the kitchen, pulled out a pan and a ladle and started to cook up the alphabets. I tried to touch them and he warned, 'haath sambhal ke, hot hai!' (be careful with your hands they (alphabets) are hot!'). lol, what a grandma! haha.

Anyhow, so a few minutes later he started to cough and goes 'paani chayeh' (i want water). I knew he was playing a trick so I gave him a lil bit. So he barely put his tongue to it and ran back to the room to pour it into the pan so he could stir it with the alphabets.

Growing up, I'd always wonder how my parents knew EVERYTHING! Well, now I do. As smart as we could be, they outsmarted us. But what's even more amusing is the fact that my TWO years old son was trying to be conniving! huh? HOW??

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One more dooor!

Yes, we banged our head against just one more door, twice last night! (anyone counting? im guessing its an average of two hits a week!).

Eesa's found a new way of climbing on top of the bathroom counter. He climbs ontop of the garbage can lid, puts his arms on the counter and then lifts his legs upside ways and then straightens himself on the counter. It's so adorable watching him struggle mashaAllah. (i've taken a video).

So anyway, he climbed up onto the counter and was done brushing his teeth but he didnt know how to get back down and I was on the pot so I couldn't help. Instead of waiting, he jumped down and hit his head. He stood up smiling, nothing happened... infact he found it funny.

A lil while later, Imran was brushing his teeth and moved back not realizing eesa was there. so eesa flew backwards hitting his head agains tthe door that was half open. that one DID hurt. and so we had a screaming baby last night, only he was all too willing to share his dillemma with his grandparents over and over again. infact he was very willing to re-enact it too!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Guests Welcome: Always

Last night, we had a dinner party at our place for ammi and abbu's friends. Ever the socialite, Imo's Eesa had a blast! As soon as there was a knock on the door, he'd run to the door and yell: 'WHOS IT?'

As ssooon as the door would open, he would literally grab everyone's hand and grab them in, lest they walk away. lol.

We also had a great time over dinner with traditional bihari food - khichri with mirch ki chutney (imran loved it), qourma and naans. I made some fatoosh (got the samwak from saudi when i went for hajj) and chicken kababs to go with it. All in all it was nice.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Sleep time..

Day before yesterday, Eesa skipped his afternoon nap and hence was drowsy all evening. Anneh (naani/grandma) started singing rhymes to keep him up. But poor thing couldnt his eyes open. Once the story was over, anneh asked, 'what's baba doing?'.

He was sooo tired, he couldn't answer. So he placed his hands over his ear, as if to say 'on the phone'. So anneh asked, what's nana doing(grandpa)?

Still tired, he placed his hands over his ear to motion sleeping. Yet he realized that it's the same sign as sleeping. So he tilted his head and squeezed his eyes to signal that Nana's sleeping.

And then he tilted over for he fell asleep copying nana. lol

Bandaid mania...

So we have ourselves an obsession. With all the injuries we get ever so often, we've developed a passion for 'givaf' (girrafe) bandaids.

Anyhow, yesterday Eesa's shoe tore alhamdolillah. Yet, he insisted he wanted to wear them. So i asked him how, now that they're broken?

His reply, 'bandaid!'.

lol. I fell in love with him all over again. Kids & their innocence. In all his innocence, he kept insisting that we should use a bandaid on the shoe. Nonetheless we convinced him to wear a new pair. Alhamdolillah.